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David’s Chicago Sexual Underground (blog) is written to inform Bijou’s email customers about Chicago’s sexual nightlife. Believe it or not, Chicago is the gay sexual mecca of the U.S., with a number of bathhouses, the Bijou Porn Theater and Sex Club, and over 35 gay bars. Chicago also hosts adult bookstores, gay SM clubs, straight SM clubs, spanking-fisting-bondage-watersports clubs, and is home to Sheldon Chicago’s Leather Store, International Mr. Leather, the Leather Archives and Museum, and God knows what else.

David (a muscular bear of a man), who writes the Sexual Underground, has been involved in Chicago’s gay community since he first came to Chicago in the middle 1970’s. He has managed numerous gay bars throughout the years and has always been heavily involved in gay politics and gay history. For the last 10 years, David has managed and promoted Touche, Chicago’s oldest leather bar, as well as working at Bijou Video. At Touche, David promotes bears social events, bondage and SM demonstrations, jockstrap contests, the Gay Rodeo, cigar smoking, lube wrestling, gay sporting events, and even square dancing; the list goes on and on and on. So who better than David to talk about Chicago’s sexual nightlife? There is no one else.

David will be posting a new Sexual Underground blog weekly. We will also be posting blogs from Madam Bubby and Steven Toushin

7/10/12 - Look what the cleaning guy found!?

2012-07-12 19:37:29 bijoutheater
Back on schedule this week, guys and dishing out my P(r)ick early in the week. You kept me kind of busy today with several orders, but working late to try and stay up on things. A couple of my co-workers here in Bijou World are on vacation this week, which means the rest of us are doubling up.

Been so busy working, I haven’t had much time to dig up any good news this week. Besides the extra effort here, I finally got a new cleaning guy for up at Touché. Seems our last cleaning guy at the bar just didn’t like it when I told him he was supposed to actually clean up the place. Since I was following him up and getting the dirt he couldn’t seem see, it was time for a change. So for the last couple of weeks, I have been leaving the party early to come in the mornings to mop and clean.

But we just found and hired a new guy to take on the task of keeping a busy leather bar tidy. He jumped right in and has been doing a great job. Of course I did have to explain a bit about the used condoms to be found. Only six on his first day, not a busy night but one was loaded and drippy as he put it. Some guys have all the luck.

As it is, we usually find all kind of things when we close up the bar, underwear, shirts, caps. In winter time there’s always some gloves (or a glove) and scarves. Sometimes a cell phone, I-pod or glasses. (No more pagers, times have changed) But I do wonder how people can leave the bar and leave behind their pants or shoes. We have found them after closing. The wilder the party, the more gets left to pick up.

I guess we should expect to pick up a lot again this weekend. We have the Chicago Hellfire Club hosting a bar night on Friday at Touché. They bring along lots of fun toys and show folks how to use them. Lots of hardcore action.

Then on Saturday, it’s our Dungeon Master Night where we present a demo on some S&M play. This month we have North Plains LeatherSir for 2012 Chip coming in to demonstrate fire play to the crowd. I’ll keep the fire extinguisher and marshmallows handy.

At least I should have some fun tidbits to share with you next week, along with a few smores. In the meantime, grab my P(r)ick and start a fire of your own.

Stay cool and hot!

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7/3/12 - Keep Cool! New Sales Flyer!

2012-07-12 19:34:58 bijoutheater
Here it is the end of the week, I know I’m late giving you my P(r)ick. But I was just slammed with orders before the 4th of July holiday and ran out of time to get this out to you. Better late than never, they say. And I am packing a little bonus, read on.

Hopefully you had a bang up Fourth, seems the hot weather here in Chicago didn’t keep guys out of the Bijou Theater. It’s been pretty busy all week long. But with temps in the 100’s it’s always better to play indoors with the A/C than out in that sun. Of course it did not keep me or thousands of others from getting out this past week.

The weekend before the 4th, I hosted a Puppy Play Party at Touché with guys from the Chicago Puppy Patrol. We set up a spot in the back bar for “four-legged” exercise and romping, We had several pups out to play. Thank fully they were all housebroken. The International Puppy & Trainer contest is being revived this September and will be held down in Tulsa, OK. If you want to find out more about pup play and/or the contest check out their website here.

The night before the 4th, I hosted our Full Moon Party at the bar. We had a nice crowd out but no one was adventurous enough to shoot the moon for my contest that night. I can never figure out why guys will pull it out in the back room but be too shy to proudly show off their assets, even for a cash prize! Must have been a lot tourists in the house.

I mentioned the thousands out and most all of them were on the lakefront trying to beat the heat on the 4th. It was too hot to grill, I laid out an indoor picnic at the bar in the afternoon and headed to the lake for the evening. I live just a couple of blocks from the lake here in Chicago with a beach at the end of my street. There is also a breakwall that juts out into the lake, makes for a great cool spot for theses hot days.

I’m out there on the breakwall with my man and we park ourselves looking back at the shoreline that is packed with people. From here we can see the fireworks from Navy Pier and Evanston to the north. Plus the multitudes of fireworks going off along the shoreline in both directions. Now I don’t know where these guys get them, but some of the stuff going off just over our heads are pretty damn impressive. Not just Roman candles, but rockets that burst huge, multi-colored, with secondary bursts, whistles and more. There was even this trio that lit up those floating lanterns in the night sky.

The best part, the crowd. I mean this holiday is about the birth of our country. The idea that men (and women) can determine their own fate, make their own choices, and do so in a free society. I grew up celebrating this holiday and what it means in a small white bread Ohio town.

Now I live here in Chicago, surrounded by people from all over the world who came here for the same thing. To live free from repressive governments and closed societies. I was out there with whites, blacks, Mexicans and Asians. Women in sari’s, scarves, dresses, shorts and bikinis. Men with robes, khakis, or swim trunks. All of us celebrating with food, drink and going “ahh” at every blast in the sky. And no one said anything about any of the gay couples out there too. It was an amazing celebration of what the USA is supposed to be about. I hope you enjoyed a perfect holiday as well.

Now it’s on to another weekend already. The Bijou Theater continues to be a jumping place, must be because lots of folks are off this week. I have our monthly Bear Party with the Great Lakes Bears this Saturday up at Touché. I am looking forward to a good time with the guys. So if you’re not doing anything this weekend, come on out and play at either place (or both)

I mentioned a bonus in the beginning of this week’s blast. Normally I shoot out my P(r)ick of the Week selection the first of the week and send out a blog or new release offer later in the week. Besides this week’s P(r)ick, I am including another of our sale flyers.

Not just any flyer either, this one features a whole bunch of our newly released on DVD features. Just in case you missed any of them, we have put them all together and on sale. It’s one of our biggest flyers because we included a great offer on over 90 VHS titles as well. It’s another of what Patrick here calls a “Twosies” sale featuring very limited quantities of each title. So look that over and call me right away with your picks.

Okay, I still have a bunch of orders to get out before the end of today, so I am heading back to the warehouse now. If you are sitting nude in front of the fan to keep cool, why not grab my P(r)ick and do something while you are sitting there?

Stay cool and hot!

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2012-06-15 22:29:12 bijoutheater
How was your weekend? It was hot, man it was hot. We had the Wells Street Art Fair here and the big seller was cold beer. I am sure that was the case at the Andersonville MidsommerFest and up in Milwaukee at PrideFest. (I had hoped to make it up there for their parade but it didn’t;t work out that way) Man it was hot around here and it’s just the first half of June. This keeps up and beer prices may rise higher than gas.

At least it was cool in Touché, made for easier beer drinking anyway. We did get our single tail demo in on Saturday night. Not everyone is into it and our one bottom that we know likes it was not available for our demo. Luckily we had had another bottom come in and agree to participate in the demo.

Single tail? Just what the name implies, a single whip. Everyone may think of a big bull whip, but single tail whips come in various lengths from about 3 feet on. They have a little string or piece of leather on the end that makes the “crack” when they are whipped hard. But you do not need to make them crack to make good use of them as our demo showed the crowd. Our top explained some of the “science” involved in use of a single tail and then proceeded to show how to use it on our bottom. Beginning with a gentle warm up, he used 3 different whips and in about a half hour had our bottom satisfied finishing up with several hard cracks.

Before the demo started, our bottom promised me he would cry like a girl, but that was not the case. Maybe I should have let it go on longer till he did, but that’s for another time.

We present several S&M demos at Touché, every month on our Dungeon Master Night and several of the clubs present their own demos when they host a club night at the bar. As the premier S&M club in town, The Chicago Hellfire Club bar nights are especially “festive”. There are many ways to pleasure your partner or yourself beyond strokin’.

Before I go and get myself all excited here, I had better get my P(r)ick out to you.

Hope your summer is hot and steamy, too,

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2012-06-04 18:17:11 bijoutheater
We are coming down to the wire here in Bijou World. Now that NATO is leaving town, we are getting ready for International Mr Leather and Bear Pride to hit Chicago in a couple of days. We have been packing up boxes and boxes of our DVDs and other Bijou goodies for our booth in the Leather Market. Patrick has been busy making new display pieces for our expanded booth this year.
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2012-06-03 18:22:44 bijoutheater
It’s all deadlines for me this week. Have a bunch of projects to complete to have things in place for Memorial Day Weekend here in Chicago. Fuck the NATO summit next weekend, we have International Mr Leather and Bear Pride to handle.

Besides, just how many of those diplomats, attachés, support staff and even Secret Service people do you think will be hitting the Bijou Theater? I mean after all the crap this has hit the press over that meeting in South America, do you think they may venture into a gay movie house?

They should, we do have the Bijou Boys putting on another of their terrific shows this coming Saturday. Besides, everyone gives it away for free here. No complaints about stiffing someone here, they actually like to get it stiff if you take my meaning.

Since the whole world will be in Chicago for Memorial Day weekend, they are holding back a little right now. Saving their energy and money to blow on 5-6 nights on continual debauchery. We did have a great turn out last Saturday night at Touché for the CBT demo.

Seems the two guys we had lined up to bottom in the demo were a no-show. So naturally we just took one of the bartenders and worked his balls over for the demo. He seemed to enjoy it all once we were done but he kept complaining about it hurting after putting his pants back on and walking around.

We had him attached to the rafters with a parachute around his balls, clamped a bunch of clothes pins on his dick, gave him a nice hot wax coating and then whipped that off. Can’t imagine what he had to complain about.

So don’t bitch about your boss at work, I am sure he doesn’t do this to you. That is unless you happen to work some place fun like I do.

Alright, I need to get back to my projects and deadlines today. Next week, I’ll fill you in on all the plans we have here at Bijou, Touché and around town to entertain the masses. No not NATO, the following weekend for IML.

Salute Armed Forces Day with my P(r)ick of the Week, choose one or both of our hot military themed choices.

Keep it hot!

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