The Bijou Theater Chicago

Bijou Theater and Sex Club
1349 N Wells St Chicago
Open 24/7 312-943-5397

Entrance to the Bijou

The Theater. Bijou Theater, Chicago

2nd Floor Sexual Play Area

Rear lounge of the Bijou Theater. First Floor

2nd Floor Sexual Playground and Cruising Area Bijou Theater, Chicago

Spiral staircase leading to the second cruising

Mineshaft Bijou's Dungeon area 2nd Floor

Outside looking in to the dungeon/mine shaft area 2nd Floor Bijou Theater, Chicago

Cruise outdoors in the Bijou Gardens

Sex in the great outdoors at the Bijou Theater, Chicago

Slings in the mineshaft dungeon

Blowjob Alley 2nd Floor, Bijou Theater Chicago

2nd Floor Glory Hole maze booths, Bijou Theater Chicago

2nd Floor Goly Hole Booths

Crusing down Bijou Blvd

Cuising the back alley

2nd Floor Bijou Theater, Chicago. Slings Mineshaft/Dungeon Room

Welcome to the Bijou Theater and Sex Club, the oldest gay porn theater in the U.S.

The Bijou takes you to those free sexual days of the 1970's and 1980's. Once you enter the theater, any sexual fantasies that you might have in clothes or without clothes (lockers are available), you can perform. Cruise the theater, the second floor play area with its gloryhole booths, dungeon (called the Mineshaft) with slings and bondage crosses, tv room, dark encounter areas, bathrooms, and in the warm days of summer the Bijou Gardens for an outdoor sexual experience. The sexual experience at the Bijou is enhanced by fabulous music. Remember this: the Bijou is not pretty, the Bijou is all about sex where nothing is off limits.

Admission is $18.00

plus a one time membership charge of $4.00*

*Now you must present your membership card each time you come to the Bijou. If you do not have a membership when you do come to the Bijou, then you must purchase another card for $4 plus the usual admission charge of $18.00.

Monday $10.00 special

9am to 5pm

The Bijou Theater Chicago is located at 1349 N Wells Street, (Chicago Illinois 60610) and is open seven days a week twenty-four hours a day. To reach us by phone 312-943-5397 (recorded message) or 800-932-7111

It was in January of 1970 that the Bijou Theater opened its doors on the first floor of a four story Victorian building in Old Town Chicago. The first film that played on its screen was Ricard Nixon’s Checkered Speech, named after the Nixon dog Checkers; Why Richard Nixon’s Checkered Speech? Because if the theater would have opened with a gay porn movie, it would have had its new license to operate revoked. After six weeks of Richard Nixon, a gay porn film was put up on the screen and the Bijou never looked back.- Steven Toushin

Now Playing At The Bijou Theater Chicago

September 11 – 17:

The 3rd Saturday of every month, the Bijou Theater presents:

The Bijou Boys Nude Revue!

With Host Mike & DJ Miriam Webster


Upcoming Show –

Let It All Hang Out


Saturday, September 19 (10 pm – Midnight)

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